PSLE English Oral Useful Phrases (by Topics)


Dear parents and students,
It’s great that you are embarking on this journey to learn
more new words and phrases that are suitable for your oral
These phrases are grouped according to the popularly-tested themes in PSLE oral.

FAQ: How do I use this package? Do I simply memorise everything?
No! Please do not simply memorise everything here. It’s probably too overwhelming to do so with more than 3500 words here.
Instead, the best way to use these phrases is to read through them and select those that you find interesting and are slightly more advanced than your usual vocabulary bank.

FAQ: How many phrases should I choose to remember?
Perhaps around 5 phrases per topic will be useful. If you’re more ambitious, feel free to select more! Over time, keep using
these phrases when practising for that particular topic and they will become part of your vocabulary eventually.
Make good use of this and ace your oral exam!

Ms Ho

“A little bit about myself: I am formerly a teacher and English Level Head with the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and a Cambridge GCE O-Level English Oral Examiner.

I’ve come up with this course as I believe many of my students and learners like you out there will benefit from it, be it in school exams or your professional life.

From fundamentals such as pronouncing your consonants and speaking in a fluent manner, to performing well during the actual oral exam, this course has been crafted to ensure students attending the PSLE English Oral Exams will benefit the most.

Though fundamental lessons are important, I understand that different learners each have their own learning pace.”


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