PSLE English 300 Phrasal Verbs

PSLE English 300 Phrasal Verbs

Instructor's message to students

Dear parents and students,

It’s great that you are embarking on this journey to learn new useful Phrasal Verbs for your PSLE English paper!

Did you know the PSLE paper contains 1 phrasal verb question every year in the vocabulary section? Phrasal verbs also appear in almost every section.
So, knowing phrasal verbs is definitely to your advantage!
I have included 300 phrasal verbs in this list for your child to learn and to use!

Ms Ho

“A little bit about myself: I am formerly a teacher and English Level Head with the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and a Cambridge GCE O-Level English Oral Examiner.

I’ve come up with this course as I believe many of my students and learners like you out there will benefit from it, be it in school exams or your professional life.

From fundamentals such as pronouncing your consonants and speaking in a fluent manner, to performing well during the actual oral exam, this course has been crafted to ensure students attending the PSLE English Oral Exams will benefit the most.

Though fundamental lessons are important, I understand that different learners each have their own learning pace.”


Course Content

PSLE English Useful Phrasal Verbs
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