2020 PSLE Science Boot Camp

Latest materials in 2020, for PSLE Science 2020.

Instructor's message to students

Welcome to PSLE Science Bootcamp (by Mr Linus Lin) for Year 2020.

Date of Boot Camp conducted: 7th, 8th, 10th August 2020

Module 1 (3 hours) 7 Aug 2020
– How to excel in Science MCQ. 30% strategy, 70% Knowledge

Students will be guided on how to approach MCQ at home by themselves (with support from parents, tutors or teacher) over the next 2-3 months before PSLE. They will be required to complete certain homework to prepare for Module 3.

Module 2 (3 hours) 8 Aug 2020
– How to excel in Science Section B.

This module will cover keywords and answering technique. It will also include the types of questions, identification of the question type and how to approach it.

Students are required to prepare for a Test in module 3

Module 3 (3 hours) 10 Aug 2020
– Review on Module 1.
– A module 2 test
– How to take effective Science notes.
– How to make use of online resources.
– Final advice on scoring well in PSLE.

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